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Discovering Wisdom, over Coffee with Mark Bertrang

Jul 15, 2019

Each state requires its licensed insurance agents to fulfill continuing education requirements for as long as they hold a license in that state.  What’s involved in this process?

Jul 3, 2019

Have you ever felt you were meant for something more?  What is your BHAG, your big Hairy Audacious Goal?  Learn a system of discovery with Mark’s guest – Tammi Brannan, the Creator of "The Blueprint Process".

Jun 27, 2019

What happens when you have a three-hour flight delay?  What happens when you have an unexpected retirement delay?  Do you have retirement delay insurance?

Jun 20, 2019

As Mark Bertrang, Author of “Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset” waits for his connecting flight at the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport, he discusses where to place your ‘safe’ money for emergencies and opportunities.

Jun 10, 2019

After the Wedding Day, the day-to-day work begins to build and sustain a healthy marriage.